Atomic Force Microscopy Laboratory

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The force microscopy lab has as goal the study of the nanoscale tribological properties like friction, wear, hardness, etc. of thin films used as protective coatings. In the lab we aim to establish a relationship among the tribological properties of the films with their structural and chemical composition.


The force microscopy lab has a Multi Mode atomic force microscope from Digital Instruments, an optical microscope that can be coupled to the force microscope, and a Dektak III perfilometer.

Research Projects

Since august 1998, the lab have been developing projects in the fields of nanotribology of hard thin films used as protective coatings, nanolitography in polymers and automation of experiments in the field of nanotechnology.

Scientific Production


  • Force Microscopy Laboratory from Centro Brasileiro de Pesquísas Físicas - CBPF
  • Swiss Center for Eletronics and Microtechnology - CSEM

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